Accommodation at Mokolodi Nature Reserve whilst competing in the Time Adventure Challenge 2018

Contact Mokolodi Nature Reserve for accommodation enquiries whilst competing in the Time Adventure Challenge.

The Time Adventure Challenge full race route takes place inside Mokolodi Nature Reserve.

The Time Adventure Challenge Route

The Time Adventure Challenge is a four-leg relay race, made up of the following four stages:

  1. 10km Trail Run
  2. 15km Mountain Biking Trail
  3. 15km Mountain Biking Trail
  4. 5km Trail Run

Transition Circle

  • Each team will setup outside the transition circle area, where each member will pass through the timing gantry to meet up with their team/supporters to do the changeover.
  • The next member will get back into the transition circle, pass through the timing gantry and continue with the next leg of the race.

Water Points

  • There will be a water point at the transition point where the team members/supporters will be based.
  • There will also be a cup of water for the 10km runners on leg 1.


  • Enter a team, brand your team and invite your team’s family members and non-participating staff to come and support their colleagues.
  • Drinks and food will be for sale, so please do not bring your own.
  • Supporters are required to sign and hand in completed indemnity form in order to gain access on race day. Indemnity forms are available at race registration and collection point.

Directions to Mokolodi Nature Reserve

  • GPS Coordinates: 24° 44.347’S 25°48.969’E
  • View Mokolodi Nature Reserve on Google Maps
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