Time Adventure Challenge Rules
  1. By entering the Time Adventure Challenge you agree to the disclaimer as posted here.
  2. The organisers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, the rules or the disclaimer at any time and you are strongly urged to check back here regularly for updates.

Disclaimer, Rules & Terms & Conditions

  1. I agree to all the rules on the trail run and the mountain which the Relay Director/event manager will advise prior to the event.
  2. I understand that an entry is only confirmed and accepted once payment has been received.
  3. Once my entry has been completed and accepted, I may not cancel it and I accept that I will not receive a refund of entry fees and merchandise if I am unable to ride for any reason.
  4. I understand that Time Projects and the organizers, sponsors, and all others connected to the event will not be held accountable for anyone who dies of shock at seeing the size of the thorns, the length of the “sandy hills” or the amazing quality of the water stops. I will not protest, grumble, moan, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, bellyache, grouch, grouse, bitch nor gripe about anything.
  5. I understand that The Time Adventure Challenge is a supreme mountain biking and trail running experience with dangerous sections. I will put on ‘my happy face’ and accept any and all challenges that I encounter.
  6. I believe that I can ride a mountain bike to an acceptable level, and in any case, I fully accept that falling off is part of the sport, as is choosing to walk from time to time, and I will not hold the Organizers responsible for anything that might occur during the event whatsoever.
  7. I have adequate medical insurance to cover any medical expenses, in the unlikely event that I might need to have thorns removed, see a doctor, go to a hospital or see a shrink.
  8. I also fully understand that there could be someone faster than me, on the single track, or on a downhill and heaven forbid- on the uphill as well, and that I will make every effort to allow him or her to pass so that they can enjoy the track, relative to their skill factor.
  9. I understand that I am required to ride with a proper cycling helmet which is in good condition, while participating in the ride and that I will carry sufficient water, tools, and food at all times- No helmet no Ride.
  10. I understand that this is an “Adventure Relay” and that Marshalls are at a minimum. I will do my best to observe the ample route markers and I promise not to attempt any SHORT CUTS as I fully appreciate that I may never be found.
  11. No helmet… no ride, no shoes… no sympathy!
  12. Paramedics will be on standby should the unthinkable happen.
  13. The relay legs have to follow the sequence of the relay event, which is the 10km Trail run, 15km MTB, 15km MTB and the 5km trail run. Each leg needs to be completed by a member before the next member can continue.
  14. Any cheating results in the whole team being disqualified and ineligible for a prize.
  15. Check points will be on all routes.
  16. No participants on bikes inside the transition circle will be allowed – only bike pushing allowed.
  17. Supporters are not permitted in the transition ring.
  18. Only two members per team at a time can be inside the transition circle.
  19. All race bibs & boards are to be returned to the timing tent after the event. A penalty of P500 per item will be charged for non-returns.


  1. Online entries will open March 2020.
  2. Registration fees can be paid online, in cash or bank cheque at TIME Projects, Ultimate Cycle Base.
  3. The first 400 entrants will receive the Time Rotary Short Sleeve, Quick Wicking T-shirt and an official racing time.
  4. Closing date for entries is 31 July 2020, 12h00.

Registration & Race Pack Collections

  1. Registration and Race pack collection will take place on Friday 1st August 2020 between 12h00 to 17h00 at the Time Projects office, Prime Plaza, cnr Khama Crescent Ext and PG Matante Drive, New CBD.
  2. One person can collect and sign for receiving numbers and shirts.
  3. On registration please collect indemnity forms for each of your spectators and supporters. These must be signed and handed at the entry point on the day of the race.
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