Race Information

Date: Sunday 23 October 2022

Venue: Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Race briefing: 8h15

Race start time: 8h30 sharp

Prize giving: 12h30

Route: The full race will be inside Mokolodi Nature reserve and the relay legs have to follow the sequence of the 4-leg relay event, which are:

LEG 1 (RUN 1): 10km trail run, marked in YELLOW

LEG 2 (MTB 1): 15km mountain biking, marked in GREEN

LEG 3 (MTB 2): 15 km mountain biking marked in ORANGE

LEG 4 (RUN 2): 5km trail run, marked in PINK

Each leg needs to be completed by a member before the next member can continue.

Participant arm bands:

Each entrant must wear their arm bands during the event. You will not be allowed on the course without the arm band. The arm band represents the colour in which the run or cycle leg is marked and will also help the participant to remember what colour marking to follow. There will be a phone number stamped on the arm bands to call if you get lost or injured.

The colours are as follows:
Leg 1 / Run 1 (10km) – Yellow
Leg 2 / MTB 1 (15km) – Green
Leg 3 / MTB 2 (15km) – Orange
Leg 4 / Run 2 (5km) – Pink
If you are doing more than 1 leg you need to have the arm bands on. For example, if you are doing all 4, you need to wear all 4 bands.

How the arm bands will work:

  • LEG 1 (10 km RUN 1) will start without an arm band, but the runner will receive an arm band at Worlds View, the highest point of the run.
  • After finishing the leg, the arm band is handed over inside the transition area to LEG 2 (15km MTB 1). The rider cannot start without the arm band.
  • This rider will then after finishing the leg hand over the arm band inside the transition area to LEG 3 (15 km MTB 2). The rider cannot start without the arm band.
  • This rider will receive a second arm band on Worlds View and after finishing the leg hands over both arm bands inside the transition area to LEG 4 (5km RUN 2). If the runner does not finish with both arm bands the team/participant will be disqualified.
  • Please make sure you hand two arm bands and race numbers to a marshal at the end of the race.
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